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I'm proud to offer a glimpse into who I am and how A8 Metal Art came to be. I call this my "crossroads adventure." From an early age, I recall my Mom and Dad teaching me the value of hard work. Mom always said, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll have to work for it.” With a grateful heart, I apply that principle to every aspect of life. I am proud to have earned my successes; I’ve never had anything handed to me. My “work for it” mindset made me comfortable working diligently for myself and others, but after finding myself at a career crossroads—losing a job, and with it, the clients I loved—I decided to live by faith and work independently. I’ve coupled my grass-roots work ethic with an innate flair for design, and the result is A8 Metal Art. The adage, “Sometimes when things seem to be falling apart, they may be falling into place” captures the vision for my crossroads adventure. I’m ready for the ride!
A8 Metal Art offers American made quality products constructed by hard working Texans. Let our high-quality design and precise cuts, bring a unique flair to your home or ranch.